Have you ever thought about Financing your website?

With our new financing options, you can finance your project with us! This new option will allow our smaller clients to get a Quality Website, Branding and Marketing solution, while still maintaining a tighter budget.

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How does financing a web project work?

When you finance a web project with MH Web Design, You Get Much More Than Just a website!
Simply delivering a website is not enough to help your business grow. Your Branding and your Marketing are just as important, if not more important than the website.

It works like this! You first fill out out Finance Your Project Form! We contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project needs. If we determin that we can meet your project goals and that we are good fit to work together, we offer you some financing options. Once you accept the terms, we start your project! Its that simple!

Finance My Project Today!


What is Discovery?

Discovery is a series of meetings where dive deep into your business. The goal of discovery is to find real problems worth fixing in your business. We take a thorough look at your Business, your Customer Market, and Your Competition! When we finish with discovery, you will have a well laid out strategy to move forward with your project, that includes branding and marketing solutions.

Finance My Project Today!


Financing your project could look something like the the table on the left. In this example, the website build totals $5,000. We charge a 12% Interest rate on financing, which brings the total to $5,600. We require a down payment of 30% which in this case is $1,680, bringing the total website project to $3,920. Finance that amount by 12 months, setting the monthly payment at $326.66.

We then provide some options for our clients that include Website Management, Support, Training, and Online Marketing. In this example, 3 hours of support and training per month was added, and our standard expert level search marketing package of $800 per month, bringing the new monthly total to $1,306.65.

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