Is Your Website Performing For You?

Are you tired of your potential customers going to your competition? Are you in need of more customers?  Do you wish to increase sales online?  Is your current website not performing?

Chances are that you where like many other business owners that thought  just building a website would solve all of your problems. Unfortunately like many before you, you had to find out the hard way that this is not true and that it takes a lot more than just throwing a website online.

What is a Website?

Hi, my name is Michael Hawrylak, I am the founder of MH Web Design based out of Port Saint Lucie Florida. What most people do not understand is that building a website that is successful online, is a science. Web design is a small but very important piece of the puzzle. A website is a fine tuned piece of technology that will performed based on how it was designed, built and managed.

Think of it like this, If you where to go out today and buy a new car, you would most likely want something that was both exciting and attractive, but also practical for your family and your situation. Chances are, if you have a large family and require more space, then a Van or SUV would solve your problems far more than that of a small coupe.

Yes, the coupe is CHEAPER, and its fast and sporty, but it does not make sense and will not help your family or situation and there for is not practical. So in turn you would spend more money and buy the SUV or Van.

Why? Because it made sense!

You have been educated over the years about the car industry and you know what to look for and how it would help you and your family.
Why should you shopping for a website for your business be any different?

In this analogy your business is your family and the website is the car. You know your business, but do you know the web industry? You want to make sure that you are purchasing a website that is practical and makes sense for your business rather than choosing the cheapest and fastest option. Just because it looks great and its functional, does not make it practical for your business. Your website is an investment in your business and your goal should be to get a return on that investment.

When you are shopping for a web professional for your business, think of the whole picture. How can this website help your business? What is its practical use? What can your website do to automate tasks for your business? What goals do you want to set for your business? Who is your ideal customer market? How can we reach this market? What problems are we solving for our clients and how to we tell that story online? Who is our competition? How do we get ahead of them online? These are the question you should be asking, or at the very least, the questions your web professional should be asking you.

Now, some of you are probably thinking; “Wait, a car depreciates in value and so I did not see a return on that investment. So how does this analogy makes any scenes?”

But let me ask you this?  Did you buy the car with the intention of selling it later to make some extra cash?

Most Likely the answer is NO!

You bought that car with intention of it solving your problems and keeping your family safe.  You bought the car to get you and your family from point “A” to point “B” every day for several years.  You bought the car because you knew that it would last you a long time, it was stylish, fun and practical.

Now, Let me ask the same question again.

Did you get a return on that investment?

Knowledge of the Web Industry

It’s easy for us to make a correct decision or investment in our businesses or personal lives when we are educated enough about the product, service or industry and when we understand our potential return on investment. The majority of business owners are not educated enough about the web industry and this is why time and time again business owners are complaining that their websites do not perform or produce results.

If you want to be successful online and increase sales, leads and conversions, then you need a website designed, built and managed for that purpose. But like most people you’re probably asking, “Where do I start?”

It takes a team of professionals in the web industry, that take the time to get to know you, your business, your industry, your market and your ideal customers. A team that will identify problems worth solving and provide solutions. What you need is an online strategy that starts before your website is even designed or developed. Every business is different and therefore requires different solutions to meet their needs.

This is what MH Web Design is all about.


We take you through a proven process of scheduled meeting called “discovery meetings” where we get to know you, your business and your industry. We assist you in building a customer avatar to better define who your target audience is and we take it a step further by helping you identify what problems your product or service will fix for your customers. Let’s face it, you are reading this right now because you are most likely experiencing these same problems with your current website and business. Or maybe you have not built your website yet and you are in the market for one. We have identified these problems and are offering a great solution. If your still reading by this point, then I would say it is working.

Your website must speak to your customers pains and problems, it must function in a user friendly manner, it must be built to capture leads, and/or produce sales. Your website needs to be tailored to meet you companies and your customers direct needs in order to be successful online.

But it does not stop there.

Online Strategy and Results

In order to see true results, you need to establish an online presences. This is where an online strategy comes into the picture. Internet marketing is tricky business and requires hard work, dedication and patients in many cases. If everyone could do it, then you would not be here reading this post.

MH Web Design has teamed up with the pro’s at Visions Local Marketing to deliver effective online marketing strategies that will produce results.  When we think of online marketing, many people think of SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising and Social Media.  If you have used these in the past with little to no results, it’s probably because your campaigns where not laser focused enough on your ideal customer.  You may have not done enough research to determine the most effective approach.  You may have hired a freelancer or company that failed to deliver.

Most SEO Marketers fail to deliver, they just do not understand and many times are poorly trained.  Just like most technology, search engines change the way they index and rank websites.  You need to be extra careful and make sure you choose a team that understands this and keeps up with the latest information and industry practices.

We want you to reach your goals and succeed online.

Your online business is our business.

The success of MH Web Design is directly related to the value we deliver.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”
Albert Einstein

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