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Website Design & Development

Do you currently have a website that is not performing?
Are you tired of watching your potential customers go to your competition?
Are you in need of more customers?
Do you wish to increase sales?

What you need is an Online Strategy.   Websites designed and developed without a purpose or strategy will always result in poor conversions, lack of sales, poor user functionality, and lack of that “WOW” factor.  Most websites speak about the business, rather than speaking to their customer’s pains and problems.  Solving your potential customer’s problems, should be the focus.  But it does not stop there.

Did you know that the majority of business owners think that just building a website will solve all of their problems?

What most business owners do not understand, is that the only way to survive and succeed online, is to develop a long term strategy that is methodical and well structured. The internet is an amazing tool for any business, when used in the right way. But it is also dangerous if misused. Did you know that you can actually hurt your business rankings online when you fail to follow proper industry standards and techniques?

Did you know that 90% of all internet business start ups fail?

Internet Start Ups Fail
With those odds in mind, one out of every ten will succeed online.
Why should you not be that one?

Success online happens because people learn about internet marketing and how it works.  They do not expect to get rich quick or be able to make a killing overnight and retire to a tropical paradise.  Unfortunately for most business owners, it can be a real challenge to free up time to learn about internet marketing, website design, and building online strategies.

This is where the Team at MH Web Design comes in.

We set you up for success from the very beginning and it all starts with our proven “Discovery Process”. Discovery is our chance to get to know your business, your customers, your market, your competition, and provide you with valuable information and insight into your current online business. The goal of discovery is knowledge. The more that we are able to learn about your business, the more effective our solutions are, and the more likely you are to succeed online. Discovery is also a great time for us to provide you with insider knowledge. Have you ever wondered why your competitors do so well online, while you are stuck with little to no leads and no income from your website? With the latest in tracking technology we are able to see what your competitors are up to online which enables us the ability to create effective solutions and long term strategies to get your business ahead of your competition.


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Knowledge Is Key

Understanding the internet and how today’s techniques can help your business is key to your success online.  Our 4 step discovery process will teach you what you need to know to blow your competition away.

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Business owners and company executives understand the difference between an Investment and an Expense.  However when a website enters this conversation it is all too often considered an expense.  In the web industry, this is a recipe for disaster. The number one goal of any business owner or company executive is to keep over head (ie. operating expenses) to a minimum. By having this mindset you are cheating your company out of real success online.  Your website is an investment in your business. One that can sit collecting dust failing to produce results, or it can be a well oiled machine that produces real leads and/or sales for your business on a regular basis. Keep in mind that 90% of all online businesses fail and only 10% achieve real success. Why?….  Mindset!

Make your investment last and work for you!

Meet The Team

Michael Hawrylak

CEO & Web Strategy Expert

Danny Jimenez

Sales & Web Designer

David Galindo

SEO & Marketing Specialist

Kathy Porras

Web Designer & Developer

With over 20 years of combined experience in the web industry, there is nothing our team can not accomplish. You can rest assured that you are in good hands working with our team of professionals. To meet more of our team members, please click the button below. We look forward to working with you.

Professional Service

All to often our clients tell us about a bad experience they had with their previous web professional, and how they felt ripped off or neglected.   Our response is this, “When you choose to partner with MH Web Design, we do not treat you as a customer, client, or a paycheck.   You are treated like a member of our own team and our number one goal is to help you achieve success online.”   The success of MH Web Design is directly related the value we deliver and the success of our clients.

Training & Support

It has been our experience that most clients just do not have knowledge or skills to successfully manage their website once it has gone live. The last thing we want is your business to suffer because we failed to educate you on some simple website management skills.   When you partner with MH Web Design for any web project, we will provide you with the training you need to continue achieving success online. If you ever run into a problem or have a question we are just one click or phone call away.

30 Day Warranty

It is all too common in the web industry for a web professional to deliver a beautiful, fully functional website and then just disappear. This is a recipe for disaster. A website is a well oiled machine that requires constant attention right after launch. Just like any well oiled machine in today’s world, there is always a chance that it can brake or produce a flaw. You spend a lot of time and money to have your website created for your business and with our 30 Day Warranty you can protect your investment.

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